Ho Lee Crap! I found the forum!

A long time ago a bunch of us took an online Chaos course with Peter Carroll at the Maybe Logic Academy.  I ran a continuation forum for a while afterward, then life, a couple of moves, multiple businesses, and a shit-ton of spammers made me lose interest.

Then, in 2012, a hard drive crash happened.  Which would be fine, except my files were encrypted and I couldn’t find the key.  Which would also be fine, except somewhere on the way to Windows 7 Microsoft started encrypting the backups which sucked.

Until today.  Found the key this morning, accessed the files successfully, and found the forum databases.  It might be a few days before it’s up and running again, but if you used to hang out on The Ideosphere then you will be able to again soon.

(I’ll spam the old members to let them know what’s up too.  I’m sure that’ll be appreciated.)

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