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Wealth Building Part One: Thoughts on Retirement

I will open by giving you a Frontline video to watch.  Check it out when you have time (it’s a bit longer than 45 minutes).  The video is located here.

So that probably pissed you off a bit.  401Ks are the typical retirement vehicles that regular folks have access to, and they use mutual funds that pay kickbacks to the management companies, and you suffer the consequences.  Sucks to be you. Continue reading

My Secret to Getting Shit Done

When you take the long view time is our most precious resource.  We all get 24 hours each day to spend as we see fit, and it will pass whether it’s used or not.  In my case, either I seize the hours of the day and use them effectively, or I can have a pleasurable day where nothing tangible gets accomplished.  There isn’t really a middle ground for me.

This post is about how I make my best days happen.  JM says the last technique he would give up is meditation, followed closely by offerings.  The last technique I would give up is daily planning.

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On being an entrepreneur…

This is a response to a post on Inominandum’s blog today.

The concerns he lists are very real, and will strike you in a visceral way especially if you are the primary breadwinner in the family.  But at the end of the day you confront the fact that half of all millionaires are self-employed or own a business.  Depending on your skillset self-employment or starting a business may simply be the best road to financial independence and financial freedom. Continue reading

Defining and achieving “wealth”

I see posts like Jason’s Three Tips for building Wealth with Sorcery this morning, and my immediate reaction is “lots of folks don’t see wealth and money the same way I do.”  Jason’s post is on-target, but I don’t think his advice is far-reaching enough.  This post is my attempt to add some more depth to this discussion.

I should start with a disclaimer: my goal here is to talk in general terms about complicated concepts.  I’m generalizing a bit – understand that going in.  Readers who have never taken a finance class and know nothing about investments should be able to follow along, and if you want to be picky then you’re missing the whole point of this.

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